Really good burgers great atmosphere very friendly people

★★★★★ | Pam N.

The owner was friendly and the burgers and shakes were pretty good

★★★★★ | Stephen K.

Good greasy burgers and good drinks.

★★★★★ | Peter W.

Burgers are amazing & the chocolate shake was pretty good too!

★★★★★ | Cori J.

Really good burgers and friendly. I highly recommend the horseradish cheese

★★★★★ | Libby D.

This is a great place to grab a bite in downtown. They're great because they focus on one kind of meal here, burgers and beers. They have cheap mix drinks as well but beer will go better with your burger. Open late, good staff.

★★★★★ | Bill F.

Finally got around to reviewing here, I had their special burger a month ago or so and I've been back twice since. The specials have changed but it's been great everytime. I would recommend love the changeup with burgers something fresh when I go everytime.

★★★★★ | Sam D.

By far best burger in the state.......and there's a bonus......you can continue to party. Not a lot of carbos to put you to sleep. Great owners with accommodating & friendly staff.

★★★★★ | Pete H.

Nothing quite like a Mo Burger. We prefer bacon, horseradish cheese and their hot mustard on ours! 10/10 recommend!!

Drinks are always greatly priced and the bartenders take great care of you!

★★★★★ | Lauren L.

Great burger as always, so good to be back at the Mo' Club!

★★★★★ | Ethan M.

Moclub has and always will be amazing! The food is sublime as the night goes on and the bartenders are fly! Can be loud and crowded which I think only adds to the experience!

★★★★★ | Trenton T.

I got into town after 10pm and was looking for some food and a beer to close out a long travel day. This place was perfect. Got a big juicy burger and 2 nice local beers for under 10 bucks. I was kind of stunned coming from the East coast by how low the price was. Great service too.

★★★★★ | Bill Franklin

Amazing Burgers! So simple, but can't be beat. Prices aren't bad either! Bartenders rock, great selection... I'm looking for a downside here, hands down favorite bar downtown, I just wish it was bigger because I'm not the only one who loves it lol

★★★★★ | Anica Preston

This is an awesome dive bar downtown. We always take everyone of our out of town friends here when they visit. This is one of the places you have to try when you visit Missoula. They have great burgers and their beer pitchers are large.

★★★★★ | Chris Morton

Awesome service. And the food was amazing

★★★★★ | Renia Ulery

Great atmosphere and the best hamburger-even presidents like it.

★★★★★ | Gary Schwartz

I'm a Lifer, what can be said. On a Friday afternoon, free from the work week, preparing for the weekends adventure.
20 years of that.

Then there's the best burgers of Missoula!

★★★★★ |Bob Ranney

Great bar. You might see Hauck. Love this Bar. So much better than Thomas Meagar bar. They told us I ate too much pop corn. I should have just stayed here. It is the best bar in Missoula.

★★★★★ | Mark Anderson

Best burgers in town and a little taste of old Montana. Not many places left that can give you that kind of historic experience. Bring me back to my days as an old Butte rat!

★★★★★ | Nathan Hansen

Fabulous burger, as usual. Love it!

★★★★★ | Dee Butorac

Best burger in town. Iconic Missoula bar.

★★★★★ | Mike Agee

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